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my haircut

bedtime now. more words later.

later: in case you missed it earlier, this haircut was a bit of an accident. I was cutting it down to my usual length when the guard popped off and mowed a patch clean. oh well. it reminds me of the college days when we’d make cool designs in my hair when it was haircut time. I’d always shave it all off in a few days (before church), but it was fun to be able to be stupid like that. some favorites were the checkerboard, the hand, the 2 hands (mirror images), the bass cleff symbol, and the best one: the MMW logo. dave was quite a hair artist after that year.


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me four

Four Jobs I Have Had
Fast food cashier
Golf course mower
Kitchen painter
Greyfriar’s barista/manager

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over Again (well, maybe a few times)
Chicken Run
O Brother
Pride & Prejudice (A&E)
Baby Einstein’s Baby McDonald (not necessarily by choice)

Four Books I Could Read Over and Over
The River Why
Shepherding a Child’s Heart
Goodnight Moon (see above)

Four Places I Have Lived
Prospect Park, NJ
Boynton Beach, FL
Pittsboro, NC
Chattanooga, TN

Four TV Shows I Watch (I dont watch much, but when I do…)
MLB Baseball
NCAA Basketball

Four Places I Have Been On Vacation
Lake Bomoseen, VT
Bethany Beach, DE
Lucaya, Bahamas
Florida Keys

Four Websites I visit Daily
Chattablogs.com (and other various terrablogs)

Four Favorite Foods
ice cream
more beer

Four Places I’d Like To Be Now
hmm, I think I like it here, actually, but if it weren’t winter:
Lake Bomoseen, VT
the scottish highlands
a visit to Colorado might be nice
maybe the Grand Canyon or some other park I havent yet been to

Four Bloggers I’m Tagging
davidg (are you still out there?)

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this is weird: a post not about baby stuff.

I grew up in south FL, and I like watching baseball, so I’ve been a Marlins fan since they started back when I was in high school. of course I’ve been out of FL for about 10 years, but it’s still fun to follow the team, and they’ve made it fun by winning 2 world series already. but now they’ve gone and tossed out all their good players. I understand that they needed to cut costs, but if they dont care about putting a good team on the field, I have a hard time rooting for them. and they say they’re going to move to Vegas or somewhere soon.

this part of the country is now home, so I guess that makes me a Braves fan now. I really respect their organization, and they always put a good team on the field (plus they’re always on TV around here, so it makes it easy to catch a game).

feel free to question my loyalty and my faith if you feel so led, but only over a beer down at the Hair of the Dog.

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new pub downtown

there’s a new pub downtown, and it is a wonderful thing to behold. it’s called “Hair of the Dog” and is found on 4th and Market, conveniently located in the 1/2 block between where I work and where I park for work.

they serve all the right beers on tap: guinness, newcastle, boddingtons, red hook, etc (about 12 total) and have lots of cool stuff in bottles/cans too. they did a great job making the place look as close to a pub as I’ve seen stateside, which is impressive considering the space they had to work with. the decor is tasteful and there’s lots of dark wood, and the woodwork on the bar is pretty nice. I love the fact that there’s only 1 TV downstairs, and you have to be at the bar to see it, but there are lots of TVs upstairs if you’re into that, along with pool tables and dart boards. and there was an acoustic band setting up in the corner (bonus points for a mandolin), so I flatter myself by dreaming of playing there for beer someday (although we may have to branch out from doing just church songs?).

by way of contrast, our latest local St. Elmo dive serves only guinness on tap (but that’s a good choice if that’s the only one), is cash-only, and seems to be generally populated by dirty old men (hence the porn on the walls I guess?). I salute Hoppy for making it a much better place then Safari ever was, but the Dog has done it just right.

I’m not big on the bar scene, but I think it’s pretty cool to have a good place to go for a quality pint now and then. their prices arent great (which is to say high/average: ~$4 a pint), but hopefully they’ll have some happy hour specials or something. their food prices looked ok, but I didnt try anything. the guinness was quite yummy however. hopefully soon we’ll raise a toast to baby girl there.

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I had the honor of editing the student newspaper of covenant college, and with that weighty responsibility came the task of writing the bi-weekly editor’s column. I hardly remember what any of these columns were about, but I do remember the old feeling of “I hate writing, but love having written.” in any case, I’m sure I’d be embarrassed by most of them now. thankfully they werent online at the time.

anyway, here’s a seasonal one I’ve kept around just for kicks. I dont think I’m very good at satire, but it was fun, and there’s at least one or two lines I still enjoy. anyway, here’s “Properly Celebrating a Sunday.”


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thanks to dword over at crumleydotorg (and often either 4 feet to my right or 4 blocks north, depending on the time of day) for finding this link for the IRS’s new free electronic filing program.

that link brings you to a page of links to various service providers, and none can be much better than TurboTax for the Web, which I’ve used for 4 years now. previously they stepped you through all the questions for free, but you had to pay to file and/or print it. now apparently the whole thing is free if you’re in the know. even if they charged the $20 for filing, it would be worth every penny.

note that you WONT find mention of the free deal on their main site…only if you go to taxfreedom.com.

not all our papers are in yet, but so far we’re getting a decent refund (the funnest part of the online forms is the refund tally in the corner). yay! another joy of parenthood I guess. enjoy.

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what follows is one of the most fascinating emails I have ever received. firstly, it’s in dutch, which is rather cool. I have lots of dutch heritage, and I’m somewhat proud of it in a not-quite-thoughtful way. I love dutch sweets and tulips and such, but I dont speak the language, nor have I been there yet.

anyway, it came to my wiegers at gmail account, so I assume there’s some confusion on the part of the sender. so I ran it through freetranslation.com and got the following interesting, entertaining, and yoda-esque result (names withheld).

whatever this carnival is, it sounds like a good time:


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