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big boy

what they say is true: the kids are growing up so fast! we got Caleb a “big boy bed” (thanks to the monahans) and he’s been trying it out lately. today he took his first nap and did very well. we’ve been a little apprehensive since he’s been sick lately, but he seemed to understand mama when she told him he would be disciplined if he got out of bed himself. for better or worse, he definitely responds to the threat of discipline. so here’s a little clip of Caleb and Alice enjoying his new bed. hopefully soon we’ll move Alice into the crib in his room.


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the longest saturday

Michelle had quite a long week with Caleb, who was sick with a cold the whole time. he would fuss and whine pretty much all day, and we’d give him the benefit of the doubt due to being sick. so we’d sometimes let the whining work, instead of the usual “no whining” rule we have. so after all that plus the usual lack of sleep due to feeding the tiny baby, she was quite happy to have me home for the weekend. Caleb usually does better when I’m around, as he’s grown more attached since Alice arrived. so we were hoping for a weekend of everyone feeling better, as things seemed to improve on Friday.

but Saturday was the longest Saturday ever. it doesnt really do it justice to say that he whined all day. it was more like he threw a temper tantrum at every and any opportunity. not quite continuous crying, but close. there comes a point when you just let him cry it out, but it does start to wear you down. at one point I couldnt pick him up b/c I was making lunch, and he got in such a state that he was kind of twitching his head when he’d inhale from his cries. this freaked us all out a little, but thankfully a brief stroll around the back yard settled him down.

thankfully he’s usually not a temper-tantrum kinda guy, so we’re not quite used to it. more often than not, if he’s upset about not getting something, we just have to ask him where one of his stuffed animals is, and he’ll happily go find it for us (I’m actually surprised this trick works as often as it does). but we survived, and a couple beers and some pizza helped wash it away.

but now we’re dealing with the aftermath a bit. thankfully he’s feeling much better. but it seems he’s learned that whining can get him what he wants. this morning when I was leaving he gave me the fakest cry I’ve heard from him. I couldnt help but laugh as I told him that whining doesnt work any more. he seems to be catching on again, as his little tantrums are much shorter now, and now and then I think I see a light bulb go off when we (once again) explain that he’s not allowed to whine, but needs to ask nicely for things he wants. after the non-stop whinefest, we’re thankful to have him more back to normal.

but is this just a preview of what is to come as he approaches the age of 2? and who knows how Alice will be with these things. we’re realizing that we need to think and pray about these things more, and maybe pick up a few tips from the woodshed lady (who apparently changed the name of her site, but the “godly tomato lady” just doesnt sound as cool) and re-read Shepherding soon.

oh and lest I forget, then there was Sunday. he wasnt well enough to go to church, so I let mama go without the kids, and we watched “praise baby” during church time (b/c who doesnt want to watch goldfish and toys and kids playing ball while listening to “shine, Jesus shine”? — it’s not as bad as that sounds, but sometimes it’s a little absurd. I take comfort that at least he’s learning some good songs). and everyone had a GREAT nap in the afternoon (while I had a mental nap – watching the steelers game a bit). and mama recounted some of the sermon for me…something about giving our battles to God, who has won them all in Jesus already. good thing He’s really in control around here, or we just might go crazy.

and finally, there are some more pictures here.

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we cut Caleb’s hair, but not too much. and we love it. thanks, grandma!

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not-so-little boy

Caleb has grown amazingly fast this week. on Wednesday he was our little boy, and now he’s the big brother. now that we have the new baby, he really does look a lot different to me, much more grown up. I marvel at his big hands and feet and the strong muscles he’s got, not to mention the whole walking and talking thing. we’re so thankful that he seems to love his little sister, as he’s always wanting to see her and snuggle with her. he listens well when we tell him “gentle” and he doesnt like it when she cries. we hope and pray that his affection for her will grow.

so here he is during bath time today. yes, we need to cut his hair (for the first time).

and here he is snuggling with his baby sister. more on her cool outfit soon.

as for other baby news, everything is going quite well so far. Alice is a good eater and not a bad sleeper either. mama is feeling pretty good, especially compared to last time. we were both surprised at how well we remembered the sleeplessness and difficulties with Caleb as a newborn, but forgot the wonder and beauty of it all. so we’re doing our best to just treasure the time we have with our tiny girl. gramma and grampa are taking good care of us and having a blast with Caleb. and if any locals would like to stop by, call ahead and we’ll be happy to see you!

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subject to change

nearly all our routines and such will surely change very soon when the new baby arrives. we’ve been blessed for many months to have a relatively predictable schedule with Caleb, and I think it may be hard to be thrown back into all the unknowns again. but for the record, here’s our general routine these days:

out of bed at 7:30 or so. earlier if there’s an appointment or we’re feeling chipper, but we all love snuggling, so we tend to take our time.
make a scrambled egg for Caleb (with bread and fruit too), fried eggs, bacon and toast for mama, cereal for me. tea if it’s cold out.
sometimes sing a hymn or two before we leave the table. we want to be better at having regular family worship times.
Caleb is usually off to play on his own while mama showers and I do the dishes and make my lunch. I try to leave for work by 8:45, but these days with mama being a little slower, it’s often 9. Caleb is often sad to see me go, which breaks my heart, but he’s also really cute when he’s looking out the window as I leave.
as far as I know, Caleb and mama hang out and do good stuff until lunch time (you’d have to get more specifics from her), and afterwards it’s nap time for both. he’ll usually nap for about 1.5 hours, but if he’s kept up later sometimes he’ll last 3.
I usually get home around 5:30 to much rejoicing by all, led in volume by the dog, in enthusiasm by Caleb (unless there’s a video on), and in kisses by mama. then we figure out dinner together, which these days is often something yummy from the freezer. then we all get to spend time together and/or do dishes and whatnot as needed.
I love playing with Caleb until bedtime, which is usually somewhere between 7 and 7:30. I change him and get his bedtime milk ready (still in a bottle for only this time, although we’re moving to sippy for this too) and when all is ready for bed, I take him to mama for his goodnite kiss. then it’s milk, book, milk, prayers, and bedtime. he LOVES to snuggle with his blanket, especially the one with the tags still on it (he’s always loved tags for some reason), so he settles right in and doesnt usually make a peep for 12 hours. as we have a newborn arriving very soon, and remember not-so-long-ago with Caleb, I realize that all that sleep is a huge blessing for all of us. hopefully little girl will catch on in good time too.
anyway, then mama and I get to hang out for the rest of the night, which is also a big blessing. sometimes we’re off to girls or guys Bible study or whatnot, but we’re so thankful for the good amount time we have for eachother. we actually have set aside Wednesday nights as our own time to look forward to, just to make sure we have that every week (I highly recommend this if your lives are generally busy especially). lately I havent been sleeping well (probably due to being excited/nervous about baby coming), so I’ll stay up reading or watching sports or something, but not too late. then of course we start all over.

I’m sure all of this is subject to change very soon. I just hope and pray that we’ll all adjust well to our new life together, and as energy and sleep are sacrificed, that we may be loving and faithful as we ought to be.

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baby builder 2

just like I initially did when he started building wood blocks, I still get all proud of Caleb when he makes various towers with his toys. he loves to build his mega blocks, and he made a tower of 14 of them this morning. he’s even learned to straighten it up when it starts leaning.

he also likes stacking his “peek-a-blocks.” these blocks are pretty cool, but they’re not particularly good for building. even so, he stacks them up one by one, and he got 7 or 8 of them in a tower tonight. of course I think this is pretty cool, and he picks up on that, so he gets quite proud of himself.

but the amazing thing to me is how quickly he learns just by observing. he’d stack 3 or 4, and it would be a little precarious, so I’d (rhetorically) ask him if I could straighten them out a little before he put the next one on. so I would, and he’d build it up higher. after doing this a couple times, he figured out what I was doing and started doing it for himself. if one was hanging over, he’d poke it until it was on a little better. of course this may be completely normal behavior, but it’s cool to see him pick up on stuff like that. when I ask him a question (like “point to the baby” in one of his books) or when he’s working on a task like building blocks, I love that I can see his little wheels turning.

and there are a few more pictures here, including one of mama at 9 months.

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walking videos

here are a couple clips of Caleb walking. he’s gained a lot of confidence, so I think he’ll be running around in no time.

here’s one in the living room (and a pixelated MOV version for grandma) and one in the kitchen.

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